Rebecca NewmanRight from the beginning of her music career, Rebecca has used her music to raise money for charity. The way she describes it is as having a "big blank advertising space that can be used to promote causes as well as raise money through CD sales or fundraising events". Rebecca began her fundraising during university, when she donated £1 per copy sold of her first CD, Music Box, to St Leondard's Hospice. When Cantare was released in 2008, she began her fundraising and awareness mission for Childline (now part of the NSPCC), setting herself a target of raising £5,000 for the charity. In fact, she has far outdone this target, with over £8,000 raised so far. Rebecca continues to donate 50p per copy of her current CDs Cantare, Memory and O Holy Night, to the charity. Recently, Rebecca has started fundraising for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) as part of her national tour and debut single release. She has partnered up with many RNLI local fundraising 'branches' to host events, and also release her first ever single, recorded with some top industry musicians and producers. Rebecca has also taken on another local charity, called The Georgina Grace Trust, which helps families with disabled children. Rebecca has taken part in fundraising events in the past for the charity, but from December 2012 this charity will become one of her official causes.

Sometimes without even realising, people who support Rebecca by enjoying her music help to also support these fantastic charities by purchasing CDs or tour tickets, however, Rebecca encourages people to visit the charity's websites and consider supporting them directly through regular donations or volunteering. Below is some information about the charities.


Childline is a confidential service for children and young people, available via the freephone number 0800 11 11 11. It costs, on average, £4 to answer each call, with more complex calls referred to a trained counsellor costing £25. The service was taken on by the NSPCC in 2005, to secure its future, but they still can't answer all the calls they get. The NSPCC has now set up a phone line for adults who may be worried about a child, as well.


The Royal National Lifeboat Institute is the charity that saves lives at sea. Completely independent of central government funding, they rely on the generosity of the public to run the valuable service. The crew, who regularly risk their lives in hazardous conditions, are volunteers, as well as the hundreds of fundraisers around the country. In 2011, the RNLI Lifeboats rescued 7976 people, saving 354 lives. The service was launched amost 9,000 times, with Christmas day being no exception! The RNLI Lifeguards assited over 17,000 people, saving 84 lives.

Rebecca grew up by the sea but when moving to London in her early twenties, she was shocked to realise how little was known about how the RNLI operates, especially about how the crew are volunteers. Her tour and single release aims to raise money for the charity, but also awareness in the hope that people will be interested in volunteering to help fundraise for the charity, or even to join a lifeboat crew. There are hundreds of fundraising 'branches' around the country, where people organising fundraising events for the RNLI. This can be a sociable, as well as worthwhile, endeavour and people are encouraged to go to the RNLI website to find out about volunteering vacancies in their areas.

The Georgina Grace Trust
Georgina Grace Trust

This charity is a local York charity, which is run by a friend and colleague of Rebecca's. The Georgina Grace Trust was founded in 2005 after the founding trustees' daughter, Georgina Grace, was born with CMV (Cytomegalovirus). CMV is a common viral infection occurring throughout the world. In Europe 60% of people have had the infection by adulthood. However, CMV can infect babies in the womb (congenital infection), as in Georgina Grace's case, which has left her with left sided hemiplegia (a weakness in the left side of her body similar to the affects of a stroke), visual impairment and slight brain damage.The extensive care that both Georgina Grace and her family are receiving has promoted her parents to seek a way to repay those involved with her care. Thus the Georgina Grace Trust was founded.
The Georgina Grace Trust aims to help existing charities who work with disabled and special needs children throughout Yorkshire and the Humber.



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