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Songs of Praise
24 May 15 - Abide With Me

Rebecca sings Abide With Me.
with piano and cello in Manchester
Cathedral for BBC Songs of Praise.
Mi Chiamano Mimi
[Official Music Video]

Shot in Venice in July 2014.
From the No.1 Classical album
'Dare to Dream'
Dare to Dream
[Official Music Video]

Shot in Venice in July 2014.
Title track to the album, written by
Rebecca Newman, Chris Nicolaides
and Mike Brayn.
Wonderful Dream
- Holidays Are Coming
[Official Music Video]

Shot in York and Durham in
November 2013.

This is the official music video for
Rebecca's Christmas charity single
from 2013. Featuring the Derwent
Valley Light Railway, 'We Are Theatre',
Durham Town Hall and Maggie the puppy!
Download on iTunes and Amazon
Durham Roadshow Video

Shot in Durham in July 2013.
A short film by David Dunning, local
journalist, showing Rebecca's unique
andinspiring interaction with the Great
British Public!




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